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0 Update to Statistics
To include 80 different screens about your hits, this also includes a comparison table and new returning and unique and refresh visitors, some are based over time others give you instant results about your hits, all items marked PRO are at present free for the next three months, all items not marked will remain free always, we hope to get more sponsorship to keep all statistics free but as always this depends on your support, enjoy the new update.

0 Link Tracker
New to the list of facilities is our new Link Tracker; essentially this is a counter capable of counting how many times someone clicks a specific link on your site! This is useful for also tracking downloaded files to find out more visit the following page Link Download Tracker.

Heavy-duty cookie
We have also upgraded the cookie that is sent to your visitors on the unique counters, the present life of a cookie is 5 years ensuring that all new visitors within that period are truly unique.

POO Goes Unique
UpgradeTo Free Counter: We use a session cookie to determine unique hits, the session cookie is strong enough to be persistent until the visitor closes their browser, essentially all this does is prevent multiple refresh of the same page for that session and therefore the visitor is always unique

Free Counter POO. (His comments were........
"he liked the Free Counter upgrade although unavailable for discussion").

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